CERTIFIED FRESH 2023 Halloween Costumes

Thanks to an amazing year of tv and movies, picking just one costume will be hard. Take a look at our list and get some inspiration before you get stuck with another t-shirt costume.


There are SO many choices. From Cowgirl Barbie, to Pink Jumpsuit Barbie, to Weird Barbie.

Want to think outside the box? Get a pink costume, blonde wig, and PRESTO you’re Astronaut Barbie.

Not feeling the pink? Dress up as the best wingman Allen.

The Addams Family + Enid

It’s a CRIME that Netflix released Wednesday after Halloween in 2022. Despite a year passing, we haven’t seen enough of the Addams family.

Want to show off your bestie? Grab the most mismatched and colorful clothes you can find and you’ve got Enid Sinclair. Because come on, every goth gf needs a sunshine gf.

The Last of US

Find inspo from the console game or the HBO show. Be Joel, Ellie, or even Dina. Don’t forget Ellie’s sick tattoo and get a temporary one to rock this holiday.

Link and Zelda

Rep your crazy amount of hours on BOTW, by dressing as your favorite Hyrule hero or heroine. And it’s not a Breath of the Wild costume without a stuffed Korok 😉


Spiderman is a classic and thanks to the new Spiderverse film, there are hundreds of spidermen and spiderwomen to choose from.

Don’t like spandex? Cosplay Miguel’s haughty assistant Lyla or the Original Fashionista Gwen Stacy.

One Piece

There’s a boatload of iconic characters to choose from. And thanks to Netflix’s live action series, there’s now a treasure trove of ready-to-go costumes on Amazon and more.

From Navigator Nami, Buggy the Clown, and Swordsman Zoro, we promise you’ll stand out in these bright colors.

psst- If you’re Nami, get her staff, it doubles as a stick to ward off stinky anime bros >:)

Yellow Jackets

You don’t have to forage the Canadian wilderness to get a cool costume. The severed hand is just in case you get hungry.


Party City and Amazon have some great budget finds that’ll make you look like the diamond of the night/season.

The best part: you can talk in a bad British accent all night long. Bonus points if you call everyone a peasant or the commonwealth.


Raid your dad’s closet for this easy and bomb-tastic costume.

Mix it up and add some pink to be Barbenheimer.

Annabeth Chase

Percy Jackson airs this December! Start repping your godly parent this Halloween.

Kick ass as Annabeth and piece together a cute yet simple costume.


Party City and Amazon have some GREAT Ariel costumes this year. Need we say more?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

These turtles are no strangers to Halloween because of their MANY films and shows. From cute, to cozy, to simple, to horrifying, you’ll rock the green.

Not convinced? Use this costume as a way to steal free pizza all night long.


Yeah, it’s a classic, but the movie came out in April, so it’s 2023 certified fresh.

Plus, nothing is funnier than seeing a group of friends unleash chaos on the town in true Mario Party Stlye.

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