10 Reasons Why We’re Obsessed with Disney’s New “Aladdin”

Haven’t seen the movie yet? Not sure it will live up the hype of one of your favorite animated features? Well, we’ve seen it in the theater four times, and we’re here to tell you, it shouldn’t be missed. Here are just a few reasons why:

Disney literally took the original Jasmine, who was nothing but a love interest for Aladdin, chucked her out the window and replaced her with a strong, brilliant, and empowering heroine.

2. Jasmine has a new BFF and her name is Dalia and she’s amazing. We could watch an entire movie of these two dorks ruling Agrabah together. She’s supportive, always has Jasmine’s back, is hilarious as hell, and she’s the best wing-lady a girl could ask for. We need a Dalia in our life. No, EVERYONE deserves a Dalia in her life. 

3. Jasmine is an inspiration for young girls to become empowered women. What’s more badass than a Disney Princess continually battling suppressive traditions opposed on women? NOTHING! 

4. We love the song Speechless so much. This song is easily comparable to Let it Go in Disney’s Frozen, if not better. This song makes us want to storm a castle and become our own queen!

5. Aladdin and Jasmine’s chemistry is so genuine and adorable that it caused a weird salty liquid to spill from our eyes, which never happens, like ever. 

6. We want to give the world’s biggest hug to the costume designer for giving Jasmine a long overdue makeover. Sorry boys, but the scandalous red slave outfit had to go. Jasmine’s new costumes not only stick to the original design, but also make Jasmine look beautiful WITHOUT having to compromise her integrity (lookin’ real hard at you Jafar, ya nasty butthole).

7. Genie is amazing. Of course, Robin Williams was an amazing actor. But we’re looking at Will Smith’s performance alone, and he did an incredible job making the role his own and modernizing it at the same time. His shoulder sweep during the “Prince Ali” song was the best.

8. The Fresh Prince is back! Will Smith used to call himself the king of 4th of July because his movies were always summer box office winners. Portraying Genie as an all-powerful being with a very human heart put him back on top.

9. Genie’s wardrobe is awesome. Big hats? Check. Baggy blue pants? Love. Cool beard? Rad. His cute little cherry on top? Perfection.

10. Genie is spittin’ out some truthful and wise stuff, and not because he’s thousands of years old. In the original 1992 Aladdin, Genie gave Aladdin advice, but most of it related to wooing Jasmine and being honest. In the new Aladdin, Genie gave Aladdin so much more advice that truly hit home for both Aladdin and the audience. We promise, we won’t ever drink from that cup… 

What were your favorite things about the movie? In fact, we discovered we had so many, we had to make another list!

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