How To Become a Geeky Ukulele Song Master in 5 Minutes

Basically anyone can play Over the Rainbow on a ukulele, but only legends can memorize and play classic Spongebob tunes, Spiderman theme songs, and the lullaby Soft Kitty from Big Bang Theory on her uke.

Get some notecards and grab a pen, because we’re going to cover the easiest and fastest way to learn a ukulele song.

Move over Grace Vanderwaal, the original ukulele rockstar is and always will be Stitch.

Step 1. Pick a Ukulele Song

There’s a ton of ukulele songs on the internet. You can find ukulele songs for almost everything. Old Town Road by Lil Nas X, Christmas songs, ACDC, classical music, you name it. Just make sure to search for songs with ukulele chords because guitar chords are way different.

Step 2. Write down the lyrics

Choose a colored pen, grab a notecard, and begin to write down the lyrics of the song on a line of the notecard.

Once the line is filled, skip a line, and continue writing the lyrics on the next line of the notecard. Continue writing down the lyrics until the whole card is filled.

We’re using the song Someone to Lava from Disney’s Pixar short

Once the entire card is filled, do the same on each notecard until the whole song is written down. Make sure you number the order of the notecards just in case the cards get mixed up.

Step 3. Write down the Chords

Choose a different colored pen, and on all of the notecards filled with lyrics, write down the chords above the lyrics on the lines you skipped.

Do this until every notecard with lyrics has chords written on them, and then you can begin memorizing them.


The fastest way to memorize a song are with these steps:

  1. Take the notecard with the song’s first lyrics
  2. Play the ukulele chords and sing the lyrics until you can play the whole notecard without looking at it
  3. Take the second notecard with the song’s next lyrics
  4. Play the ukulele chords and sing the lyrics until you can play the whole notecard without looking at it
  5. Put the first notecard in front of the second notecard and play the chords and sing the lyrics on both notecards until you can play one after the other without looking at them
  6. Continue this cycle of memorizing one card and playing the previous memorized notecards one after another until you can do the whole song

**If your song doesn’t have any lyrics, just fill the notecard with chords and skip every other line. Then do the same cycle of memorizing.

Once you have the whole song memorized, go gather your friends and family to woo them with your awesome uke skills. If you want super fun geeky songs to play, then we’ve got you covered.

This is Jerry, he’s a Hulatrooper. And if you loved him as much as we did, you can buy him on Etsy.


Here’s a list of our favorite fangirl songs to play on the ukulele:

Now uke away my little dudes, uke away.

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