What Your Favorite She-ra Princess of Power Says About You

We all have our favorite characters, but the ones we love the most say a lot about our personalities. Which Princess of Power is your fave?


Randomly punch stuff, check. Bad jokes, check. Confusion 24/7, double check. You are a huge dork, but because you are talented and smart no one seems to really notice. Sometimes doing the right thing can be hard, but you always do what needs to be done because that’s the kind of hero you are.


YOU ARE A BALL OF ENERGY AND LOVE AND THE BEST BFF. Are you perfect? No, but that doesn’t mean you won’t keep trying to be the best version of yourself because you’re that awesome. And sure, some people might think enthusiastically yelling every other sentence is annoying, but that’s only because you’re not screaming loud enough to make them deaf.


You’re adorable, everyone loves you, you are the light of this world. While not everything you do might be considered cool, you block out the haters because you know the real worth of who you are. Besides, who can listen to haters when you can invent a SONIC ARROW?!


Whether you’re pulling off an amazing dress at a party or simply chilling at home, you bring the sass and the coolness. While sometimes being around other people can be exhausting, you’ll always be there for your friends, even if they don’t always deserve your awesomeness or your super cool sailboats.


Most people don’t truly know who you are because your cold exterior usually scares away anyone from getting too close. However, deep down, you are playful, caring, and loyal. And let’s not forget about your crazy awesome sense of style. Besides, if no one is willing to be your friend, it’s totally cool, who needs friends when you have henchmen?


You are the definition of ‘the mom friend.’ No one knows how or when you were handed the role of being ‘the mom friend’ but you’re doing an amazing job. Helping others is written in your DNA, even if you’re currently helping others destroy the world. It doesn’t matter that the planet might explode because you’re amazing at being the kindest, most caring, and softest person on earth.


You are super smart and love to build/create things because SCIENCE and CREATIVITY. You also know the importance of dressing for comfort and usefulness because pain for beauty is overrated. You’ve always been a little different from everyone else and that’s what makes you awesome. Who needs normal when being weird is SO MUCH FUN?!


You are so kind, generous, and give such great advice that you put Oprah Winfrey to shame. You are passionate about many things and you’re known for your incredible dedication. Yes, some people might consider you shy and quiet at first, but if ANYONE messed with your friends or family or even keeping the earth clean, you wouldn’t hesitate to give that person a piece of your mind.


You have the looks and the jokes that makes any friend group an instant party. Even though your friends find you super confident, you secretly have a lot of inner insecurities. When you aren’t randomly singing songs, you can be found adventuring with your best friends.

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