Why We Love “Stargirl”

The new Stargirl superhero TV series debuted on DC Universe and The CW, and we seriously ADORE it. Here are just a few of the many reasons why this is one of our new favorite series:

It’s About a Teenaged Girl

We adore Kara on Supergirl, but she’s grown; she has a job and an apartment. Stargirl, on the other hand, is just 15, meaning we get to see her navigate the perils of high school and save the universe at the same time.

It Stars Our Girl, Brec Bassinger

We grew up rooting for Brec when she played unlikely football star Bella on Nickelodeon’s Bella & the Bulldogs (seriously, why did that have to get cancelled?), and we we’re so happy to see her take on another starring role. She’s adorable, sweet, smart, and feisty and totally relatable. Who better to play Courtney Whitmore, aka Stargirl?

The Co-Stars Are Pretty Cool Too

First of all, kudos to casting Henry Thomas of E.T. fame for a fun ’80s twist; we love it. We also love Brec’s other co-stars Luke Wilson, Amy Smart, Joel McHale, Yvette Monreal, and Anjelika Washington.

It’s Based on a Real-Life Heroine

Stargirl creator and former president of DC Entertainment, Geoff Johns was inspired by his own sister Courtney. A bubbly teenaged girl with a zest for life, she sadly perished in the TWA Flight 800 crash in 1996. Geoff channeled his grief creatively and made a timeless character that girls around the world could look up to.

We Went to Courtney Johns’ High School

We know Courtney Johns was an angel in real life because we went to the same high school in suburban Detroit, the all-girls Catholic school Marian. Many of Courtney’s teachers are still there as well as principal Sister Lenore and they talk about her fondly. In the ’90s, the senior class used to paint their handprints on the wall of the Senior Lounge, and Courtney’s was preserved behind a frame of glass. When we started at Marian, huge comic book geeks that we are, we taped the cover of the first Stargirl comic up next to it to keep her memory alive.

What do you love most about Stargirl?

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