Girl Power… in Type

There are a bunch of amazing new books out that celebrate the power of girls. Here are our favorites:

Marvel: Powers of a Girl

This book is truly inspiring as it explores the lessons that 65 relatable women of the Marvel universe teach us all about growth, bravery, and the true meaning of strength. With individual character sketches as well as chapters on things like animal companions and mentors and matriarchs, the book has something for everyone. The art is beyond gorgeous as well. A must-have for any fangirl’s library.

DC’s The Big Book of Girl Power

Another great compendium of super heroines, this one features classic art from the DC Comics, as well as background on each character. Our favorite line: “When women get together to do good things, nothing and nobody can stop them!”

Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy

From General Princess Leia Organa and Rey, to Ahsoka Tano and Iden Versio, this gorgeous book covers 75 Star Wars women from the films, comics, animation, and video games. What’s great is instead of just showcasing the super heroines, this book pays homage to all the women: heroes and villains, Sith and Jedi, senators and scoundrels, mothers, mercenaries, artists, and pilots.

Marvel: Fearless and Fantastic! Female Super Heroes Save the World

This wonderful book includes the origin stories for 50 Marvel leading ladies, including our favorites and some super-powered females we weren’t familiar with like America Chavez, Queen Ramonda, Silk, and Dr. Toni Ho — all organized around four personality traits: Determined, Daring, Compassionate, and Curious.

Captain Marvel: What Makes a Hero

Although aimed toward a younger crowd, we loved this book because it explored how heroines, from Captain Marvel and Shuri to Gamora, Black Widow, and Nebula, were just ordinary girls to begin with. And we love the art so, so much.

Be A Star, Wonder Woman!

Another book written for little kids, we, being little kids at heart forever and ever, couldn’t love this more. It’s the story of a little girl tackling her first day at school written in a cross between a picture book and a comic book. We love every page, right down to the “Be a Star” checklist.

Geek Girls Don’t Cry: Real-Life Lessons From Fictional Female Characters

Writer Andrea Towers uses examples from both real life and pop culture to provides powerful tips on how women can overcome obstacles. Chapters include stories on how other women have found the strength to overcome trauma, grief, adversity, depression, and isolation. A great read!

What are your super female favorites?

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