10 Great Fangirl Gifts for Under $10

Getting a thoughtful gift for your BFF or even yourself doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some of our favorites that any fangirl will love, all for under $10.

Captain Marvel Little Golden Book

A wonderful throw-back to our childhood, we could not love this little book more because of its adorable, unique artwork you won’t find anywhere else. Keep it whole or rip pages out for your desk/locker/dorm room collage.

Funko Star Wars: The Last Jedi Keychain Plush

Nothing cuter than these adorable plush. We love them all, especially BB8, Rey, and the Porg. Nothing more fun than giving a friend a blind bag and sticking around to see what they got.

Night Night, Groot Board Book

Ah, we love board books! A perfect gift for a young child or anyone with a heart really. This story is so utterly charming: baby Groot needs to go to bed but there’s a galaxy that needs saving! Adorable story, even better artwork.

Holographic Scratch Off Mini Notes

Calling all secret agents, this set of 150 notes has a black scratch-off coating that reveals a funky holographic pattern underneath. Perfect for coded messages, notes of encouragement, or creative doodling.

Frozen Funko Pocket Pop! Mini Vinyl Figure Tin

What even better than Funko POP vinyls? Mini POPs. What’s even better than Mini POPs? A trio of tiny cuteness in a collectible tin (perfectly-sized for trading cards or other knick-knacks). There are tons of adorable sets available including Game of Thrones, DC Comics, and Frozen.

Fuzzy Superhero Socks

We can’t own enough fuzzy socks, but now that we’ve discovered ones printed with superheroes and Disney princesses, our feet are in heaven! You can buy individual pairs or packs of 4.

Handmade Leather Journal

Whether you use it to sketch, jot down spells, or keep track of demons, this handmade leather journal has 120 pages to fill to your heart’s content. The uniqueness of it and small size (about 6 inches) makes it perfect for any project. While we’ve seen journals like this in the store for upwards of $50, thanks to the magic of Amazon, you can get this one for just $8.

Magnetic Fandom Page Clips

We love these little magnetic bookmarks so much, we have a bunch of them just stuck to our memo board. You can get them for just about any fandom.

Cartoon Memo Tabs

Also available in just about any fandom — if you’re looking for something less popular, try Etsy! — these small shaped Post-it notes are good for everything. Literally everything. Or if you just want a more generic but adorable design, there are tons with animals, desserts, and even mythical creatures.

Small Treasure Chest

Who needs a small treasure chest? Everyone! Great for desk decor or keeping anything near at hand. Or consider a puzzle box that can’t be opened by anyone else easily. Both can’t-miss gifts for just a few bucks.

Have you discovered any great, inexpensive gifts that fangirls would love? Share with us below!

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