Ranking the 10 BEST Disney Rides to Nap on

1. Space Ship Earth

There’s nothing better than drifting to sleep to the soothing voice of Judy Dench for 16 whole minutes. Lying on your back? The air conditioning? The dark rooms? The constant stopping of the carts? Best place to nap hands down.

The ride itself is great, but when there’s a whole WORLD to travel around, skip the history lesson and catch those Zzzs because you’ll need them. Oh, the ride stopped again? More sleepy time for you.

2. Hall of Presidents

If you’ve made it through the entire ride without sleeping, you deserve a medal. It’s 25 minutes of creepy wax faces talking about things you learned in 2nd grade.

Your parents definitely dragged you to it, but before you could sulk too much about the weird carpet smell, you were already asleep.

3. The American Adventure

Sitting in a dark air-conditioned room for 29 minutes with plush seats will knockout even the lightest of sleepers. Your grandpa, who cried at the end of the show, might shout at you for falling asleep, but it’s okay, because you’re now energized and ready to trek another 10K steps in the scorching sun.

4. Living with the Land

It’s so air conditioned it could freeze over hell, need we say more? The narrator’s voice is quiet and SO boring, making it the perfect white noise to a 15-minute boat nap.

Yeah, the stormy room is a bit noisy, but you’ve just walked around the world, you’ll be lights out no problem. Just make sure you don’t sleepwalk off the boat, because as a TikTok Star foundout, you’ll be banned from Disney faster than you can blink.

5. Carousel of Progress

Those chairs are for sleeping and sleeping only. There’s never a line and the whopping 21-minute show makes this ride a dream to sleep on.

Be warned: the walk out of the dark and quiet Carousel and into the bright and loud outside of Tomorrowland is deadly. Adjust your eyes and ears accordingly.

6. Walt Disney World Railroad

Who doesn’t love falling asleep on a 20-minute slow-moving train? Your feet will cry tears of joy as you sit and relax with a semi-cool breeze. Prying your sweaty legs off the wooden seats at the end hurts, but it’ll wake you up for another 6 hours of running around the park.

7. Enchanted Tiki Room

The convenient location of this ride in Adventure Land makes this 16-minute musical a great place to nap. The end gets a little loud and the chruch-like-seats aren’t the comfiest, but when you’re tired, any bench in an airconditioned room is a nap friendly place.

8. The Seas with Nemo and Friends

You know you had a good nap when you get in the clamshell and wake up to In The Big Blue World blasting on the speakers.

The slow-moving shell, the water noises, the cool air blasting at you in the queue AND during the ride, ohhhh it’s bliss. It might be short with only 6 minutes, but every second of a snooze counts when conquering a Disney Park.

9. Tomorrowland Transit Authority (AKA The People Mover)

Despite being only 10-minutes, it stops CONSTANTLY, making it a great ride to squeeze in a few minutes of rest. The views are nice and while there isn’t air-conditioning, the breeze usually makes up for it.

10. Country Bear Jamboree

Sometimes the audience claps in sync and that can be a little loud, but if you need 16-minutes to enjoy air-conditioning and a seat out of the sun, you’re in luck. Bonus points for the room being absolutely PITCH BLACK during the show.

Falling asleep isn’t hard, but sometimes the songs the animatronics sing make you wake up and say, “What did those bears just say??!?”

Honorable Mentions:


You’ve probably fallen asleep on this attraction by accident. Or maybe you didn’t. Maybe you knew that the 16-minute show has comfy seats, air-conditioning, dim lights, and settled right in. The classic epic Disney songs can be loud, but if that doesn’t bother you, it’s a glorious place to catch a few Zzzs.

Haunted Mansion

If you fall asleep on Haunted Mansion, you are TIRED. Maybe you got stuck on the incline and it put you to sleep. Or maybe you were scared of the ghosts and when you closed your eyes they stayed closed by accident. In any case, the dark and cold ride is a great place for a little 8-minute spooky nap.

Pirates of the Carribbean

It’s a crime to sleep on this one, but honestly, we get it. After the first drop, the dark rooms, the rocking of the boat, the not too-loud audio. It’s a good place to rest your eyes away from the sun and screaming kids for a little bit.

Now for those in Disneyland, you got a whole 15-minute of pirate shanties to sing you to sleep. This ride should be on your Top 10 for sure. For those in Disney World, sorry folks, you got only 8 minutes.

It’s a Small World

It’s actually encouraged to sleep on this one. The song is long overdue for a reboot, and honestly, once you’ve seen one jittering doll, you’ve seen ‘em all.

With a hefty 15 minutes, you can fit in a good ole’ power-nap, however, goodluck falling asleep to the world’s most catchy and ear-grating song. Pretty sure people only go on this ride for the air conditioning and to wait for another ride wait-time, *cough cough* Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh, to get shorter.

Don’t see your favorite ride to nap on here? Share your comment below!

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