The Ultimate Geek Gift Guide

Getting gifts is the best, but buying gifts is the worst.

We’ve scoured the internet, carefully read reviews, and compared prices to give you a thorough and high quality gift buying guide.

Whether you need ideas or you’re on a time crunch, our list is designed for all types of geeks to help you find the best gift without the stress.

Men’s Dracarys Targaryen Dragon GoT Shirt

Not only does this shirt copy the awesome and iconic Adidas style, it’s got Game of Thrones dragons on it. Who doesn’t want a t-shirt with dragons on it?

Gamer t-shirt

We bought this shirt for ourselves because it’s awesome. Whether you’re buying this as a cute laugh or for a serious streamer, this is a great gift for any gamer.

Cards Against Humanity (expansion) Geek Pack

Just about every adult has Cards Against humanity, and it’s only $5, so you can’t go wrong with this one. There’s a huge selection to choose from with things like theater packs, sci-fi packs, and even a pack dedicated to dads. Honestly, you should buy a pack for everyone in the family.

GoT Bottle Opener

A person might have a bottle opener, but do they have a bottle opener that has an awesome Game of Thrones quote, is high quality, AND is lowkey? And hey, if they’re not a GoT fan there’s a BUNCH of other great bottle openers on Amazon too.

LEGO Flower Bouquet

You can never go wrong with getting someone flowers! Not only are these bad boys super cool because they’re LEGO, but they’re technically immortal and really beautiful.

Brick Wall Art

This is the perfect minimalist piece of art that could be virtually hung up anywhere in any house. Plus being able to make art yourself is always more fun than just buying it in a store. Despite being an unofficial LEGO knock off, this cute assemble-it-yourself piece of art wormed its way into our hearts and our gift list.

Pac-Man Socks

Socks might not seem like a great gift when you’re a kid, but trust us, adults love socks. Just pick whatever tv show or video game the person likes and presto, another present down.

Leather Harry Potter Bookmark

Everyone knows someone that loves to read and luckily Etsy has some of the coolest bookmarks. You can get this Harry Potter themed one or even personalize a bookmark with a person’s initials. For a max of $15, this handcrafted beauty is definitely a steal.

Whiskey River Geek Soap

Not only is this an awesome gag gift for $8, but it’s super practical because everyone washes their hands…we hope. They also have a bunch of other hilarious soaps so it’s definitely worth a click.

Supernatural CookBook

This book is perfect for any Supernatural fan because it’s filled with beautiful pictures, quotes, and delicious detailed recipes seen in the show. It even includes Mary’s gross but warmhearted casserole. And hey, if supernatural doesn’t work, there’s a ton of other fandom cookbooks to choose from.

Marvel Golf Balls

The Bright color, the Blank Panther Icon, the Marvel Logo, and the great brand makes this a must buy for anyone who plays golf. Other heroes you can get include Iron Man, the Hulk, Spiderman, and more!

And if you’re okay with throwing down a couple of extra bucks, you can get this beautifully packaged gift set.

Star Wars Luggage Tag

This is definitely the gift you’re looking for. Personalizing luggage is the BEST and luggage tags are totally something every adult swears to buy but ALWAYS forgets about. Plus, there’s a huge selection of luggage tags to choose from on amazon, making this a great gift for literally anyone, geek or not.

Geekey Multi-tool

If the name didn’t convince you, maybe this real amazon review will: “With this key no door will be locked to you. No knowledge hidden. You shall become immortal.” Funny reviews aside, this is a great gift for someone you don’t really know, a dude, or a dad, especially dads, dads love tools.

Moon Lamp

Space nerd or not you should honestly buy this one for yourself. The product picture might look sketchy, but it’s the real deal and it doesn’t even do it justice compared to the review pics.

Baby Groot Flower Pot

buy this flowerpot

Look at him! You need him, we need, everyone needs him. You can use him as a flower pot, or if you don’t have a green thumb like us, he’s also a great pencil holder.

Star Wars Stickers

You can never have too many stickers. Water bottles, laptop cases, cars, skateboards, sticker everything. This bundle has some of the coolest Star Wars designs and you can get a HUNDRED of these bad boys for only $9. Definitely one of our most favorite gifts to give.

Star Wars Tie

The best pieces of clothing are the ones that other fans can see and compliment but are also lowkey enough to sneak past your boss and wear in professional work meetings. Buy this for your Star Wars fan so they can support the Rebellion even in the most treacherous parts of the galaxy.

Fire Missile Cigarette Plug

This is by far, our favorite car accessory. This little guy covers the cigarette lighter/charger port in your car. Not only does it keep wandering fingers from getting burnt, but it’s also hilarious and a great gift for only $9. And come on, IT LAUNCHES MISSILES!

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