10 MORE Reasons We’re Obsessed with Disney’s New Live-Action “Aladdin” Movie

We are fangirls, we make no excuses for it. And as fangirls, when we love something, we really love it. Case in point: Disney’s new Aladdin movie. We’ve seen it over and over (and over and over) in the theater, bought the soundtrack immediately, and just can’t get enough. Here are some more reasons why:

1. A lot of stuff changed, and a lot of stuff didn’t. It sounds contradictory and it is, but it’s true. While a lot of original scenes and things stayed the same, the stuff that was both removed and kept from the original make the movie worth watching. Especially the action scenes!

2. Disney patched up some cartoon inconsistencies. How in the heck did Aladdin and Jasmine take a carpet ride in a single night to China? And they caused the Sphinx to lose its nose? Um, we’re quite sure the Sphinx, in Egypt, was built a long time before then. Yeah, the original movie was a cartoon and it doesn’t have to be accurate, we get it. The new movie fixed almost all of the inconsistencies and it was beautiful to watch at the same time. 

3. Abu. Abu! We loved the cartoon monkey and didn’t think it was possible to have a CGI-creation look so real and yet be so lovable at the same time, but it is!

4. Aladdin is hot as ever. Aladdin was our favorite Disney guy as a kid because he wasn’t a stuck-up prince. He made mistakes, and like the responsible man he is, he fixed them. Plus, he’s charming as hell. Mena Massoud is an incredible Aladdin and we would marry both him or Aladdin in a heartbeat… well, maybe Aladdin because he’s a Prince now and we gotta pay for college somehow.

5. Jafar is no longer portrayed as a creepy predator. YAY! While yes, the new Jafar tries to marry Jasmine again, he does it for more political reasons and doesn’t magically make Jasmine his slave dressed in a skimpy outfit (yes, I’m mentioning that again because it’s horrible and should never be put in a PRINCESS MOVIE FOR LITTLE GIRLS). And yeah, the new Jafar — at least the actor who portrays him — is hot too.

6. The parade is awesome. It’s worth seeing the movie just for the parade. (Also, there’s a tiny reference to Jurassic Park in it, and it’s awesome. Go find it, fangirls!) We can’t wait until it’s a parade at the Disney parks. (It had better be a parade at the Disney parks.)

7. The music is soooooo cool. One Jump Ahead, Friend Like Me, and Arabian Nights all have minor changes that are super cool. And, Speechless is fricken amazing. Both Naomi Scott’s stellar performance and the song lyrics themselves are worth watching/listening to. Yes, the original soundtrack is great, but the new songs are so fun and different that you should at least give them a try. (If the new version of Arabian Nights doesn’t make you want to trek across sand dunes in a desert, we don’t know what will.)

8. We LOVE the party and the dance scene where Aladdin tries to apologize to Jasmine. The scene is so colorful it’s mesmerizing, and the dancing is super fun to watch.

9. Genie and Aladdin are so funny together. Genie and Jasmine’s handmaid, Dalia, are also so funny together. And Jasmine too is hilarious and adorable. To say the least, the humor is great and if you don’t laugh then we’re sorry to have to say this, but you’re a psychopath. Now, pass the jam!

10. Can we say something crazy? We support Disney’s reboots. And you should too. Why? A whole generation of children have never seen original Disney movies like Aladdin because it came out 27 years ago. Also, a LOT of Disney movies need to be renewed because so many things are considered inappropriate and outdated (like Jasmine’s revealing outfit and enslavement, YES WE’RE STILL UPSET ABOUT IT). And Disney is doing a great job modernizing these timeless stories. The Aladdin sets are breathtaking, the diversity both in front of and behind the scenes is inspiring, and the movie is a delight to watch.

Did you see Aladdin in the theaters, and if so, how many times?

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