Is There a RIGHT way to take a Hogwarts House Quiz?

Almost EVERYONE has taken a Harry Potter quiz…or ten, but have you done it the right way?

A few years ago on reddit, a Harry Potter fan suggested that the Sorting Hat doesn’t actually base a decision on a person’s personality, but rather what a person values the most.

This means that if a person was studious, but values friendship the most, they would be sorted into Hufflepuff, not Ravenclaw.

This fan theory totally makes sense because when Harry was being sorted, the Sorting Hat almost put him in Slytherin, but ends up putting him in Gryffindor because Harry valued the traits found in Gryffindor over Slytherin.

This would explain why Neville, a character described to be scared of his own shadow, is also placed in Gryffindor, a house known for its bravery.

Also, Albus Dumbledor says that the Sorting Hat “takes your choice into account,” showing that even if you don’t currently have the trait/value, if you desire a trait/value, the Hat will base it’s decision on it.

So, with this in mind, take our quiz and answer what choice you agree with/value the most, and not what you would actually do right now.

 For example: if you see your best friend being bullied, you can choose to punch the bully in the face even if you wouldn’t do that in real life.

It’s all about what you value, not what you currently are, because who knows, maybe one day you’ll grow the confidence to actually punch a bully square in the face.

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