The Craziest Collection of Baby Yoda, er, “The Child” Songs

Like practically anyone with eyeballs, Baby Yoda stole our hearts from the moment he lifted his little green fingers on Disney Plus’s fabulous show, The Mandalorian.

The internet has exploded with memes and merchandise, but after the first season finale, we’re still hungry for more Baby Yoda.

We’d heard rumor about a hilarious Baby Yoda song, but what started out as a small joke in search for the single song, turned into a spiraling descent into Baby Yoda madness. After climbing out of the YouTube rabbit hole we stumbled down until 3am, we thought it would be fun to share what we found.

Here’s our collection of Baby Yoda songs that covers both the best and the worst the internet has to offer.

#1. Baby Yoda Baby Baby Yoda – Jonathan Mann

With a catchy beat and few lyrics, this song truly captures the spirit of memes and TikToks, making it easy to see why the internet has chosen this song to go viral. It’s a perfect hit if you’re looking for your next ringtone, and…it’s strangely addicting to listen to.

#2. Baby Yoda (A Star Wars Rap) – ChewieCatt

It’s no wonder this song has 11 million views. The beat is great and the vocals resemble something you’d find on today’s top radios. And let’s not forget the crazy relatable lyrics like, “you’re more than a meme to me” and “Star Wars got me in my feelings.”

#3. Baby Yoda Song – Party in the Backyard

We don’t know if it’s Baby Yoda’s mouth moving, the weird lyrics, or the EDM music, but this video is truly cursed.

#4. Baby Yoda (Floating in a Pod) – Parry Gripp

We’re pretty sure this was going for a “Baby Shark” kinda vibe. The high pitch voice, graphics, and the childish instrumentals is definitely made for anyone under the age of 5. If you want to annoy all your friends and family, we highly suggest using this one.

#5. Baby Yoda Song – Day by Dave

With a funky beat and fun to sing lyrics, it’s hard not to like it. Plus, the awesome and hilarious memes used in the video are a must watch.

#6. Dear Baby Yoda: A Love Song – The Ringer

We love us some Hamilton and this video does the musical some pretty solid justice. The singers in the song are amazing, and the video is seriously funny too.

#7. The Child, Is This! – The Mary Sues

If you’re feeling the festive holiday spirit yet you’re not in the mood for over-played Christmas music, then you need to blast this bad boy. The vocals in this song are great, the costumes are awesome, and the special effects are amazing. We also really really really need this adorable Baby Yoda plushie.

#8. Baby Yoda (Eat The Frog) – Steve DiLeo

WOW. We’re not quite sure what this is or why it was made, but it’s wacky and fun and we just had to add it to the list. Plus, you have to admit, the electric guitar is pretty dang cool.

#9. Baby Yoda (No Reason To Leave) – DHeusta

Don’t let the low view count fool you. This song is awesome and believe it or not, it’s completely original.

#10. Baby Yoda Song! (Sippin’ On That Soup) – Yung Skywalker

This song belongs on the radio. The kick ass beat, the great vocals, and the fun chorus makes this song one of our favorites.

#11. I Want To Kick Baby Yoda in The Ribs – Billy Cobb

If you’re a fan of Weezer or anything 90’s grunge, you have to listen to this song. The lyrics, like the name of the song, are pretty dark, but hey, that’s the 90s for ya.

Let us know what Baby Yoda songs you love, whether it makes you sing in the shower or want to rip your ears off, we’d love to add it to our collection!

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